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They all say about the same thing. We're looking for better known jewelry whether it is International, Countrywide or Local.

Brand  Name Jewelry isn't as developed as "brands" are in other industries although there are companies actively promoting  their brands. One of the reasons why jewelry doesn't have the high brand recognition that other industries do is that jewelry has, for the most part, been shopped as a "blind item" until recently (with a few exceptions). Attempts have been made in recent years to capitalize on "brand name diamonds" due to the diamond industries  need to establish more of a presence in the "jewelry business". Jewelry manufacturers and retailers have followed suit by establishing a "branding program" of their own.

Why are there so few jewelry brands? One of the reasons has been due to the jewelers themselves. Because jewelry has been a blind item for generations jewelers have always felt that they were the "brand", in other words if you wanted a specific type of jewelry you came to xyz jeweler. Another reason jewelry has been slow to brand has been due to the size of most jewelry businesses compared to businesses in other industries. In the jewelry business how many companies are the size of major businesses today such as IBM, HP, Nokia, Siemens, 3M, Airbus, etc. The answer is no one. If you don't have the size of a major company you don't have the advertising budget to promote yourself like the big guys. Yes, you have local, regional and national chains selling jewelry but maybe they don't carry the quality or type of jewelry you wish to purchase. Well, the Internet is changing all of that. Now you can find almost any type of jewelry, any quality or price range you are seeking. You can search out jewelers locally, regionally, nationally, or Internationally.

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The jewelry business is changing quickly and it will change more rapidly in upcoming years. Jewelry has become more recognizable because of the Internet and the importance of finding jewelry through sites like this will increase. Check these sites out for more information:

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